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The CCMS provided all services of a commodity and cost management that includes professional consulting services for improve customer business processes in purchasing and high efficiencies controlling programs for real-time monitoring of costs per part.

CCMS – the complete solutions and services for optimizing your costs per part.

CCMS Services
Consulting Service
Inventory Management Service
Costs Per Part Service
Engineering Service
Production Service
Commodity Supply Chain Management

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Inventory Management Service

Concerned to high level of warehouse stocks, this constantly generates depreciation cost. Also, low level of stocks is always generates supply bottlenecks.

- How much COST of foremen‘s working hours are contributes for tool organizes and procurement?

- How much COST of machine operator‘s working hours that contributes for setup and search for tools?

- How much COST of dead and slow-moving items staying in warehouse?

Main focus of the CCMS Inventory Management Services :


-Direct cooperate with manufacturer suppliers

-100% availability at the right time and the right place

-Full automatic 7day/24hour delivery service

-Zero DEAD stock items

Costs Per Part Service

Managing the commodity and tool supply chain to reduce the direct overheads cost and selecting best-in-class tools manufacturer and processes to maximize machining performance. Costs Per Part services include engineering and technical support, supply chain management, automated tool dispensers and warehouse stocks activities.


Main focus of the CCMS Costs Per Part Services :

-Full consumption monitoring

-Cost analysis and schedule report

-Transaction tracking analysis

-Full automation inventory management

-Continue cost reduction activity 


Production & Engineering Service

We deliver to each customer with a individual solutions based on an each machining environment included all dependent and independent parameters and process analysis. Then provides the optimize NC program and suitable tooling to maximize productivity on unique site. The CCMS engineering service aims to providing new technology and modern machining operations to the customers.

Main focus of the CCMS Production & Engineering Services :

-Investigation of machining processes and eliminate the bottle neck

-Operations research and management

-Line and productivity improvement service

-Tools integration program

-Turnkey and New Tooling setup

-New innovative tooling and NC program

-Technical Training

Thailand : Union Technica (Thailand)

61 Prachanukul 1, Wongsawang, Bangsue, Bangkok 10800

Tel : 0984290175

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Korea : Union Technica (Korea)

#202, Ujangsan-ro, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel : 82-2-2298-2972

email :


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